The Earth/The Speaking Land

'The Land still speaks to us and The Speaking Land will helps us understand its language'. 

The Speaking Land: Myth and Story in Aboriginal Australia 1989 / Ronald & Catherine Berndt. 

If we understand the landscape as everything around us, the landscape includes the sky and his phenomena such as blueness, clouds, rain, lighting, stars and rays of light.The sky, Tnggri, is the power above all powers. *5

The Sky Is Above Me
The Sky Is Above Me

“The landscape is alive, it is a living text”. *2a

Photo: TV screen Uluru
Photo: TV screen Uluru
Photo: Veluwe The Netherlands
Photo: Veluwe The Netherlands

Dreamtime stories are about your connecties to the land.
But also the power it gives you 

We use the sun as a creation.

The minute it comes up, the minute it sets.

That’s our time.

We use that time.

There is no time in between.

Only that sun. 
Bundy (Bari People Australia)