@The Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
@The Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam


2006-2009 Fine Arts / Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy Amsterdam 

2004-2006 Fine Arts/ Art Academy Minerva Groningen 

2005 Basic Course Photography Fotoacademie Amsterdam 



2024 Group-exhibition Eeka Fabriek Installation 'Echoes of a Childhood'

2023 Sporen 16 & 17 september Kampen/IJsselmuiden

 2023 july-sept Nevengeul Expo IJsselbiennale 2023

2022 24 hour Poetry Marathon at the Woodland Pattern Book Center Milwaukee VS

2021 Stedelijk Museum Kampen / The Hidden Space of a QR code

2020 Groepsexpositie /100 jaar Woudagemaal Lemmer okt.2020-okt.2021

  2021 aCinema Milwaukee, Wisconsin VS /the september screening series "A Broken Mirror Still Reflects"

2021 75 jaar vrijheid, Nu en Toekomst | Stadskazerne Kampen Mei 2021-Sept 2021

2021 Proto Zwolle Stadskantoor Zwolle

2021/2020 Antonius Ziekenhuis Emmeloord/Polderbos

 2021 Duo-expositie in Huize Maria Kampen met Marianne Knol

2020 Groepsexpositie Huize Maria Kampen september 2020

2019/2020 Blauwdruck Galerie | Group-Exhibition Interspace | Zwolle

2019 Kunstbrug Open Atelier Route Kampen

2019 Podium Voor Architectuur | Galerie Meerse | Hoofddorp

2017 Fotogram Prijs 2017 | collective photography exhibition | Amsterdam

2017 Landschapstriënnale collective photography exhibition | Nieuw-Vennep 

2017 Hooglandse Kerk| collective photography exhibition | Leiden

2016 Peer Paper Platform | collective exhibition | Amsterdam

2015 Percipi Gallery /duo Cilon&Prins exhibition /with Ilona Prins | Amsterdam

2014 Museum Meermanno / Dogtime press 10 years | Den Haag
2013 Museum Waterland /collective exhibition Tekenkabinet | Purmerend

2013 Bote Kiers, collective exhibition| Amsterdam
2013 Kunstsalon /collective exhibition Tekenkabinet | Assen

2013 Galerie Prinscilon / duo exhibition with Trinette Ledelay | Amsterdam
2013 Ateliers ‘89 Aruba/collective exhibition | Aruba
2010 LUMC Galerie /collective exhibition | Leiden
2008 Het Witte Huis /collective exhibition | Amsterdam
2006 NoordBrabants Museum |  Holland Zicht | Den Bosch

2005 Fotogram Amsterdam/collective exhibition Fotogram Prijs | Amsterdam

2004 Broerenkerk /collective exhibition | Zwolle 


 2024 Selected for the Perambulations Project Utrecht

2023 Selected voor Sporen. Culturele route Kampen

2022 selected for the 24 hour Poetry Marathon at the Woodland Pattern Book Center Milwaukee VS

with the film 'Clouds Clouds (...) We Knew Nothing"  

2021 selected for the september 2021 "A Broken Mirror Still Reflects" screening series at aCinema Milwaukee, WInconsin VS

with the film 'Clouds Clouds (...) We Knew Nothing"  

2021 Stedelijk Museum Kampen/The Hidden Space of a QR-code.

2020 Nomination Groene Pluim Flevoland 2020 | Serie "Authenticity " (of a Tree)

2017 IPA Honerable Mention Professional: Fine Art, Other_FA: Series 'A Perfect World' Zuidas Amsterdam

2017 Selected for the exhibition Landschapstriënnale Nieuw-Vennep

2017 Nomination Fotogram Award 2017 Amsterdam/series About my Mother’s Home.

2006 Selected for Hollands Zicht Exhibition Museum Den Bosch & Book /theme: Intergratie.

2005 Nomination & Winner of The Extra Price Fotogram 2005 Amsterdam



2023 Publicatie Nevengeul IJsselbiennale

2021 Weekblad De Brug/Interview-Photo/Duo expositie Marianne Knol

2017 Publication Book Fotogram Prijs 2017 

2017 Peer Paper issue 4 (contributing with text and drawing the map Distance)

2009 Interview-Photo Noord-Hollands Dagblad / Atelier Zaandam

2006 Publication in Book Hollands Zicht, best 500 photo's, ISBN 9789043010986 

other education/participation


2024 Training Deep Listening/Center of Deep Listening VS

2024 Training Art Based Learning ArtEZ/Museum Arnhem 

2024 Participating Perambulations Project Utrecht

 2022 Workshop Extreme Slow Walk Sharon Stewart ArtEZ Zwolle

2021 Stedelijk Museum Kampen Short Presentation about my work: The Hidden Landscape of a QR-code

2021 Quest Lecturer Winterlab ArtEZ Zwolle on invitation Marjolijn Boterenbrood.

2020 Collegereeks UVA Biophilia: liefde voor natuur in het Antropoceen Prof. Erik de Jong

2020 Workshop Storytelling |Tell me Your Story| Kunsthal Kade Amersfoort

2020 Workshop Shinrin Yoku/Forest Bathing | Hoge Veluwe

2020 Kijk op het Landschap Noordoostpolder  Netl Kraggenburg

2020 Conference 'The Roadmap To Equality in The Arts'|Artez Arnhem

2020 Symposium Behoud Groen Erfgoed | Rijksdienst voor het Culturele Erfgoed Amersfoort

2019 Self-Compassion Course MSC / Amsterdam

2019 Collegereeks UVA 'De Tuin als Universum' Prof. Erik de Jong

2019 Noorderlicht Fotosalons / Visual Thinking Strategies 

2019 Workshop photography: De Stad Verbeeldt Zwolle

2019 Remembrance Day for Lost Species | Artis Academie Amsterdam

2019 David Bade 'Een Gedeeld Hiernamaals'| Buitenplaats Doornburgh

2019 Autobiografische verdieping [Storing AUB] Zwolle

2018 Masterclass portretfotografie Big Head Martin Schoeler | Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam

2018 Retraite Insight Dialoque Havelte

2018 Workshop Creëer een succesvol fotoproject Annabel Oosteweeghel

2017 Walking on Waves, een voetstuk: by Ienke Kastelein Arnhem

2017 Mindfulness Course / CVM Amsterdam

2016 Workshop Distance as Time, Distance as Sound, Distance as Words by Marta Colpani

2012 Fashion Project & show by Claire Fons Ateliers ‘89 Aruba
2014 Walking Practices by Ienke Kastelein Casco Utrecht
2009 Performance Generale Staten by Mieke vd Voort Casco Utrecht

2008 Drawing Project MMK ARNHEM Thomas Hirschhorn

1999 Photo Project about Dialyses Patients in their private environment

& Exhibition Dialyseafdeling Scheper Ziekenhuis Emmen (Treant Zorggroep)

  • IPA Honerable Mention Professional
    : Fine Art, Other_FA: Series 'A Perfect World' Zuidas Amsterdam 2017
  • Series: "A Perfect World". ‘Young, ambitious, and continuously looking for positive incentives. Routines are a bore and no day is the same. That’s why you choose to here, a unique hotspot. This is where life really begins.’ These texts give information about the new construction projects in the business district Zuidas-Amsterdam. The photos are made at the edge of the building site. The tarpaulin shows the artist impressions of the newly built apartments. These photos are images of ‘real’ people who are ‘living’ in a computer 3D impression. What is a dream and what is a reality? Is it possible to create a perfect world?