annemarie cilon

The Land still speaks to us,

and The Speaking Land 

will help us understand its language. *01

"Writing in landscapes, landscapes write in you. Sending a voice to the Juarez Baja, the Sangre de Cristos of Colorado, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the Himalayas; sending a voice to Death Valley, Ojai Valley, and the hills and valleys of France's Dordogne; sending a voice to the changeable waters of the Virgin Islands and the cold, radiant waters of Tibet's Lake Manasaraovar; sending a voice to Mexico's wet lowland forests and Canada's dark stands of cedar; sending a voice to Abiquiu and the Chama, to Yaxchilan and the Usumacinta. Sending a voice. Yes, it is true; each place has its own voice. Sending a voice, a voice responds." 


Joan Halifax 

(posted with permission)