about/artist statement

Language possessies resources which one has to sense as coming not only from within oneself, but from outside, from the Land itself, from the rivers, from the forests. And also from those persons and those cultures that existed in that landscape and have left their trace.’ (Wilson Harris *2)

I am an artist/researcher based in Kampen/Overijssel/The Netherlands. 
I work in a variety of media, from walks to maps, from photography to video, from audio to compositions, from drawings to texts, from performances to installations.  

My artworks have often a social critical layer that is performed in a poetic way.

My work area consists The Human and Non-Human World, Local Natural Places and The Personal  Environment in The Urban City. Underlying themes are the relation between The Makeable World, Space, Language and Identity. As part of my work I quote phrases of poets, philosophers and writers in the fields of philosophy, geography, architecture, anthropology, science, spiritual ecology and the knowledge of Traditional Wisdom. I studied Fine Arts at Minerva Academy Groningen, The PhotoAcademy Amsterdam & The Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. 
I will start a new education 
at The ArtEZ University of the Arts

Docent Beeldende Kunst & Vormgeving Zwolle in sept.2021 

~Annemarie Cilon~