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*03 Ma Yansong / Architect China / Ted Talk Urban Architecture inspired by mountains, clouds and volcanoes

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*06 Wang Shitzhen(1526-1590)

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*08 Bei Dao | Chinese-American writer 1949- 

*09 Chris Watson | Wildlife Sound Recordist 

*10 Original Wisdom: Stories of an Ancient Way of Knowing 2001 | Robert Wolff 

*11 Ryuichi Sakamoto: Composer/Activist Japan (1942- )

Trailer documentaire CODA 'Attuned to Nature'

*12 Finnegas:A Celtic Tale

*13 From the preface to Martin Heidegger's Holzwege.

*14 Jafar Panahi: Filmmaker Iran (1960-) Quote from the film Taxi/2015

*15 Minor White: Photographer VS (1908-1976)

*16 John Muir: The Yosemite 1912

*17 Beauty of Hearing/Aesthetic Value Aeolian Geomorphology Resources in the Badain Jaran Desert/International Conference on Earth and Environmental Science (ICEES2013)

*18 The  name of "mountain people" is another name for Lakkia or Lakkja people in China. Lakkia is also a language. Lakkia speakers lives nowadays in the Big Yao Mountain regio of Jinxiu. Lakkia people belongs to the Yao people: a government classification to a various minorities in China en Vietnam. 

*19 Mien Saying: Quote from 16 mm film: Moving Mountains/Elaine Velazquez 1989

*20 From Album: Dream of Life. Patti Smith 1988

*21 Title film: Kya ka ra ba a "Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth" /2001

Filmmaker/director: Naomi Kawase Japan (1969-)

Ryuichi Sakamoto in Coda
Ryuichi Sakamoto in Coda