:the garden as a portal:

photography & text: 

Ik bouw een muur om mijn huis

Ik laat er veel ruimte tussen

Als mijn nieuwe muur klaar is

Maak ik van mijn Oude Huis

Een Binnentuin


Text: Annemarie Cilon/Groningen 2002

Photo Annemarie Cilon Amsterdam 2020

'In a traditional Japanese or Chinese garden,

it's not only about the building or temple

but about the whole setup -

the structure, the landscape, the light,

the plants, the water.

The whole experience that makes your life there so beautiful'. 


Text: Ma Yansong / Architect China

Photo Annemarie Cilon / Wendelbos Marknesse.

Human Being (Lange sluitertijd)
Human Being (Lange sluitertijd)
Screen shot TV 2005 (Extra price Fotogram 2005
Screen shot TV 2005 (Extra price Fotogram 2005

Ma: Space/Time In The Garden Of Ryoan


The garden is a medium

for meditation

Perceive the blankness

Listen to the voice 

of the silence

imagine the void filled


Perceive not the objects

but the distance

between them

not the sounds

but the pauses

they leave unfilled


Are the rock placed

on the ground

the islands of paradise

is the white sand the

vast ocean

that distances them

from this world



Swallow this garden

let it swallow you

Become one with it. 

Text fromMA : SPACE/TIME in the garden of Ryoan-Ji (Japan) Takahiko Limura & Arata Isozaki 

The garden might function

as a portal between two different landscapes entities.

The garden can be perceived

as a moment of standstill from

which to contemplate the world outside. 

The impulse to garden in hard times has deep roots. 

Photo; Annemarie Cilon /Amsterdam 2020

'The disadvantage of living in the mountains 

is the isolation whereas the disadvantage of

living in the town is the commotion; best of all is to live in the garden, 

thus partaking of the advantages of both circumstances'. 


Text: Wang Shitzhen (1526-1590)

Photo: Annemarie Cilon Amsterdam 2020