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Founded Images supplemented with my own pictures.  

"Not just water, but also wind or footsteps"*11

| Finnegas *12  

    Singing Sand *17 |本音body hon'ne "true sound" |Mountain People *18 |It is much easier to move mountains than to change minds *19 | "People Have The Power."*20| Sky, Wind, Fire, Water, Earth *21 |Walking Barefoot| Datta, dayadhvam, damyata *22   | "The Unedited World" |"The Aucoustic Environment is a largely Shared Environment"*23| "De lucht is schoon in het Land van de Raramuri. Er is geen fabrieksrook." *24 |"See how nature-trees, flowers, grass-grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence..." *25 |   | "Listening to nature is in many ways a homecoming to an ancient history that is written in our DNA". *26 | Not Recorded | an: water that is still or quiet (Irish)  "*27 |"Het is de regen die de boom van water en alle voedingsstoffen voorziet *28 | The law of nature is that we are all interconnected, the trees depend on the insects, on the Earth, the sun and the wind; and we all depend on each other*29| (I am a natural wanderer) ...but I can still mentally wander; I still got a lot of places to go *30 |Wachten op regen| De geur van regen| Petrichor *31 The Seasons | `In spring it is the dawn I like most of all, when the dark mountain river slowly becomes visible *32 Everything is Local *37 NO FEAR NO FEAR NO FEAR. | Chance and Change *38 | ja! ja! ja!

    Be still with yourself until the object of your attention affirms your presence.*15 | "Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike".*16 | Kwelwater | Landmarks

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*37 Christophe Coppens/ artist *38 Herman de Vries

"For Aboriginal peoples, country is much more than a place. Rock, tree, river, hill, animal, human – all were formed of the same substance by the Ancestors who continue to live in land, water, sky. Country is filled with relations speaking language and following Law, no matter whether the shape of that relation is human, rock, crow, wattle. Country is loved, needed, and cared for, and country loves, needs, and cares for her peoples in turn. Country is family, culture, identity. Country is self." *36

"Writing in landscapes, landscapes write in you. Sending a voice to the Juarez Baja, the Sangre de Cristos of Colorado, the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the Himalayas; sending a voice to Death Valley, Ojai Valley, and the hills and valleys of France's Dordogne; sending a voice to the changeable waters of the Virgin Islands and the cold, radiant waters of Tibet's Lake Manasaraovar; sending a voice to Mexico's wet lowland forests and Canada's dark stands of cedar; sending a voice to Abiquiu and the Chama, to Yaxchilan and the Usumacinta. Sending a voice. Yes, it is true; each place has its own voice. Sending a voice, a voice responds." 

 Joan Halifax *35 (posted with permission)

Cultures echoing many voices, many accents of the present and the past congregated, broke apart, congregated again under Sorrow Hill. Not only human accents and voices but the speech of ghosts within the whisper of rain and river, fire, light, shadow in the leaves of a tree borne by the hand of Timehri, the hand of God, upon an invisible branch, a visible branch of the tapestry of the age of wood, the age of rock and water and skyscape and riverscape.' Wilson Harris