Imagine The You On The Other Side

Pictures from Mars / February 2021

Today’s Weather In Washington

The Day After The January 6 Attack On The US Capitol/2021

Cultivating The Land

Soil from Noordoostpolder on Paper / studio Kampen 2020

Creating A Mountain Of Sugar

Sugar on Paper / Studio Kampen 2020

Clouds Clouds

We knew Nothing/ Hemweg 8 KolenCentrale Amsterdam 2011

TEXT IN VIDEO: (...) we knew nothing where we were, or upon what land it was we were driven, whether an island or the main, whether inhabited or not inhabited (...) Fragment page 47 from the Novel 'The Life and Strange Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe'. Daniel Defoe 1719 

Trying to Control Nature

Bloemendaal Beach 2009


Framing The Landscape/ Amsterdam 2009

Mount Fuji Sunrise

Stopmotion Webcam/ 2009